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Gaining Competitive Intelligence through Syndication


Beyond Blogs and Social Networks, Hyatt Regency Jersey City, December 1-2, 2005


Steven M. Cohen, Senior Librarian, PubSub Concepts, Inc


+ Before you Syndicate, you must search.

+ Educate your employees on search. It's more than the 2.6!

+ Information Overload?!

+ Not just syndication.

+ There is no panacea.



Managing Reputation/Ego/Brand/Trademarks


+ Should you respond to everything? How do you choose?

+ Wikipedia - Is your company in it? Should you change it?

+ Use more than one blogging engine (Did a guy from PubSub just say that?)

+ Look at different spellings for your products and services.

+ Blog about your brands.

+ "Be the owner" of your brands and trademarks.

+ Who is talking about your executives?


Competitive Intelligence


+ Who is buying keywords to your trademarks/brands?

+ Who is getting hired, fired, and promoted?

+ New products put out by competitors


Tools and Resources for Keeping Up.


+ Keep up with search resources and trends.

+ Most resource companies have development blogs.

+ Web Site Monitoring Software.

+ Tips and Tricks


Discovery of new business opportunities


+ What is the mission of your company?

+ Use detailed and narrow keywords to find possible partners (it's all about search!)

+ Will also help to build up "blogrolls" for monitoring of trends in your industry.

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