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Trends in Blogs, RSS, Wikis, and Other Stuff


Steven M. Cohen

Senior Librarian, PubSub Concepts, Inc

Library Stuff (published by Information Today)






  • Everything is in beta
  • Sign up here and we'll tell you when we GO LIVE!
  • RSS is built into these apps. It's a given.
  • It all happens separately, which adds to the commons (My Space example)
  • A bit on Splogs
  • No more Desktop readers?


Over the past year...


  • The big boys catch up with blog search.
  • G! catches up with RSS
  • G! News is STILL in beta - (since March 2003)
  • Wikipedia getting lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of attention (pro and con)
  • What's in Your wallet?
  • small companies get bought - Bloglines, Weblogs.com, Live Journal, Flickr
  • The new bubble?




Return of the "My ____"



Ratings - (Human or otherwise)



Interaction and Collaboration



Life Management



Are Meta Search Apps Back?



Other Apps



Resources for new tools












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