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Advanced Weblogs: Applications, Technology, Cases


Steven M. Cohen

PubSub Concepts, Inc


AOl IM - nylibrarian

Skpye - stevenmcohen



Presentation URL



What We Will Be Talking About Today


+ Marketing Your Weblog

+ Guidelines and Policies for Weblogs & RSS Feeds

+ Automatic posting notification systems

+ Weblog Extras, Plug-Ins, Audio Posting

+ Templates

+ Intranet v. Internet

+ Customized RSS Feeds

+ Bookmarking Tools and Folksonomies

+ Library Vendors and RSS


Quick, Quick, Quick Intro to Blogs and RSS


+ Website, listed chronologically, with written content and links.

+ Most use software for easy publication.

+ Calendars, Permalinks, Archives, RSS, blogroll, comments.

+ Easy Easy Easy Easy Easy…

+ Every blog will have an RSS Feed, but not every RSS feed comes from blogs.



Examples of blogs


+ Library Stuff - http://www.librarystuff.net

+ Resourceshelf - http://www.resourceshelf.com

+ Tame the Web - http://www.tametheweb.com

+ It's All Good - http://scanblog.blogspot.com



Examples of Feeds



Legal Feeds







Examples of RSS Readers


+ Bloglines - http://www.bloglines.com

+ Net News Wire - http://www.netnewswire.com

+ Newzcrawler - http://www.newzcrawler.com

+ Newsgator - http://www.newsgator.com


So You Have a Weblog - Now What?


Marketing is Key

+ If a blog is on the web, but nobody is there to read it...

+ Put up a "about this" page

+ The value of a "soft release"

+ Talk to the right people (the ones that make the decisions)

+ Put out a press release

+ Talk to the local newspaper

+ Put it in your newsletter

+ Link to it on your website

+ Use the blogosphere (especially the library blogosphere)

+ Flyers, bookmarks, classes


Marketing the Professional Librarian Weblog


+ Stand out in the crowd

+ Ease of use

+ Best way to publish without trade publications (on your own terms)

+ Finding your niche

+ Marketing the Librarian

+ Write everyday


Guidelines and Policies


Professional Librarian Weblogs


+ Loose guidelines work best (for me anyway)

+ Does your library know? Will you tell them?

+ Do you put your blog on your resume?

+ Guidelines on comments (Free Range Librarian)

+ Other guidelines from LISNews.


Library Weblogs

+ Need to be more in depth (liability)

+ Posting policies for library staff

+ Don't talk about patrons

+ Don't post about staff members

+ Make sure that the information is accurate

+ Is there going to be a holding period for approval?

+ Who gets access?

+ What gets posted? (news, new materials, library events)

+ How often can staff post?

+ Comments? (Spam, moderating)

+ Conversation and community (Ann Arbor Public Library, Teens, Director's Blog)

+ PLA Blog guidelines on a wiki


+ Corporate blogging policies

- Feedster

+ Charlene Li

- University of Minnesota - services and guidelines

- McMaster University - RSS Policy



Discussion - Should libraries have blogging policies?



Automatic Posting and Notification Systems (APNS)


+ Pinging Technology

+ sends notification of new blog post to centralized service

+ Weblogs.com

+ Ping Technorati

+ Ping Feedster

+ Pingoat

+ Ping-o-matic

+ Pings.ws





+ Tells you who is linking to your posts.

+ You have to play with Trackback to get it working

+ Some say that trackback is dead (PubSub can do the same thing very easily!)


What's so great about APNS?


+ Gets your content out into the blogosphere quicker (almost instantaneously)

+ Who is talking about you? Who is linking to you? Feed the ego.

+ Think about marketing again.

+ Cross blog conversation


Weblog Extras, Plugins, Templates, Audio Posting, Pictures, Tips


+ Macros are extremely important.

+ Easily embedded if you know html or other coding languages (css, javascript)

+ Don't touch those macros!

+ Blogger example



Plugin Directories

+ http://www.mt-plugins.org

+ Blogger help

+ Wordpress Plugs Wiki


Examples of blogs that have gone "the extra step"

+ Thomas Ford Public Library

+ Roselle Public Library Blogger Book Club

+ Hillsdale Library (Blogger)

+ Homer Township Public Library


+ Free templates are available.

+ UThink example.

+ Search?

+ Sometimes, the basics are all you need (content is king)

+ Post to your weblog from the road (literally!)

+ Audio posting - The Gates





+ Hello

+ Picasa



Tips and Tricks

+ Using zempt to post to MT blogs

+ Make sure to include contact information on your blog

+ Link back to your home page

+ Add a catalog search box on the blog (Johnson County Library)

+ IM presence - (Lansing Library)


Internet v. Intranet


+ Weblogs can be useful in both situations (What are you trying to accomplish?)




+ Great for Library Web pages.

+ Library News


+ New Acquisitions

+ Book Clubs

+ Backend CMS only




+ Communication among staff, libraries, consortia

+ Backend CMS only

+ "We've shifted books again"; "The biographies are on the second floor now"

+ Everyone is involved

+ Meeting/event planning

+ Project Management


Discussion: Will weblogs work on my Internet/Intranet? Why not? - DISCUSS



How to display RSS feeds.


+ Feed2js

+ Magpie

+ RSS Mix

Can't get everything via RSS



Customize Customize Customize.



RSS @ Your Library


+ Oklahoma University Library

+ RIT Libraries

+ Kelvin Smith Library

+ New Books

+ Library Elf

+ University of Alberta (NEOS)

+ Hennepin County Public Library

+ Edmonton Public Library

+ More from Hennepin County

+ Kansas City Public Library

+ Shiny Happy Patrons

+ Shiny Hacky Patrons

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