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  • Flickr RSS Widget - "Here's a Javascript button you can put on your website that displays thumbnails of the latest photos in any Flickr RSS feed - yours, your contacts', a tagstream, etc. You can see the widget in action in the right hand column (on a feed of my latest photos tagged "redhook"), or visit the links page to see it on the feed of my contacts' latest photos."



  • Flickr Bits - List from Flickr - "The following applications and plugins all utilise the Flickr API."



  • All Sizes and Shapes - "If you’ve spent much time on Flickr, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that some members, for reasons known only to themselves, turn off the option to display the “All Sizes” button above their pics. This can be frustrating when you want to get a closer look a a good shot, especially when the shooters inexplicably submit their unresizable pics to the dpguru group for DPOD consideration. What most people don’t realize, though, is that the public API gives directions for constructing the url of any photo based on information in the HTML of every photo page."


  • Flickr Slideshow - "Create a slideshow from images anywhere on the internet. Create a show of your last vacation or screenshots of that game you're playing or of that time your best friend did that thing at that party. Then share it with your friends. Works with your photos hosted on Flickr or anywhere else."



  • Glimmr - "Glimmr is a photo uploader for the Flickr web service. Flickr is an online photo gallery, a blog engine, and a community where users upload and share photos and commentary. As an uploader, Glimmr is responsible for editing photo metadata (such as the Title and Description), and uploading the photos to Flickr. Glimmr is written in C#/Mono, an Open Source implementation of the .NET platform, and for the GNOME Desktop. "



  • FlickrClient - "FlickrClient is a Python interface to the Flickr API. Using it really simple: create a FlickrClient instance passing your API_KEY to the constructor and then call the methods on the returned instance, replacing dots with underscores."



  • FlickrJS - "FlickrJS is a wrapper to use the Flickr API from javascript through xmlhttprequest's. Or, in a more fancy way, using AJAX techniques to get data without reload the whole page. By including only a .js file you get access to the whole Flicr API. You don't need to know how the request have to be done, or how the xml have to be parsed. The wrapper do all the jobs and lets you specify a callback function on each Flickr Method.



  • Flickr - "I love flickr, and i wanted to have my favorites in my hard drive in order to see them with picasa or something like that. So i made this .Net application using the Flickr.Net API with a little modification. I guess you will need the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 beta 2 (here) to run it. [FlickrFavs allows you to download the original size of any flickr user public favorites.


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