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  • GMail Forums - "Since April 22nd, 2004 the first forums dedicated to Google's Gmail service."



  • Gmail Status - "GmailStatus is a Gmail notifier for Apple Macintosh users. It installs itself in the OS X menubar and shows the number of unread messages in the inbox. Gmail Status is absolutely free, but if you feel like it you can make a donation."


  • SkinGmail.com - "SkinGmail.com is a new online resource for the growing number of adventurous GMail skinners. At present the method we use to get this done is only supported by Mozilla FireFox but we are looking into cross browser or individual browser supported methods as well."


  • Gmail Growl - "Growl is a simple tool that allows applications to send out notifications to your screen, like the grey bezels when you change volume or screen brightness, but a) you can choose the look and b) you can choose which kinds of notifications you get. Growl support is built into many new applications, but many people find ways to integrate Growl support even for those apps that don't ship with it. This is what Gmail+Growl does for Gmail Notifier. (Gmail+Growl will even install Growl for you if it's not already installed, or upgrade it if it's out of date.)"

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