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Keeping Current in 40 Minutes or Less....Guaranteed!


Steven M. Cohen

PubSub Concepts, Inc




AOL IM - NYlibrarian

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“To stay ahead, you must have your next idea waiting in the wings." - Rosabeth Moss Cantor

“Keeping a little ahead of conditions is one of the secrets of business.” - Charles Schwab

“It’s better to be ahead of the curve than to be behind it.” - Me


Maxthon - http://www.maxthon.com - the browser with kick!


What is Currency and Why Should I Care?


  • Knowing what is going on in your profession.
  • Professional Development
  • Reference Work
  • Find new reference sources
  • Become an advocate for your profession
  • Competing with other professions
  • Competing with Search Engines
  • Educating our patrons
  • Becoming a better reference worker
  • See what other librarians are doing
  • Keeps you out of trouble


Ways to Keep Current


  • Trade Publications
  • Listservs
  • Web Site Monitoring Software
  • Weblogs
  • RSS Feeds and News Aggregators


Trade Publications




  • Arrive like Clockwork
  • Professional Looking
  • Good “Reference Desk” Reading
  • Articles written by pros
  • Have articles not found online
  • Accessible




  • Outdated? (not current enough)
  • Expensive
  • Circulation among staff
  • Too many of them


My Advice


  • Pick 2 Trade Journals
  • Read the TOC First
  • Pick Your Favorites (1 or 2)
  • Photocopy the articles
  • Read them at your leisure
  • Don’t waste time browsing






  • Lively discussion
  • Ask questions, provide feedback
  • Great way to network
  • Find librarians with similar interests
  • Can be very broad or narrow in scope
  • Can subscribe in multiple formats




  • Flames
  • Too much to read
  • Discussion doesn’t relate to the readers interests
  • Can pile up in the inbox
  • More often than not, posts will not be interesting


My Advice


  • Subscribe to 3 listservs, tops
  • Subscribe to the digest
  • Read the TOC
  • If nothing looks interesting, delete
  • If this happens for 2 months, unsubscribe.
  • Purge!


Web Site Monitoring Software


  • Will notify you of changes to web sites
  • Software or Online
  • Highlight changes
  • Filtering By Keywords





Blog Intro


  • Do I need to do this?
  • Yes? No?
  • OK



Blogs are good for libraries...but RSS is better


  • Marketing the librarian
  • Updates to new databases/changes in databases
  • New books
  • Internal communication for reference desk.
  • Yes, this can be internal - In most cases, they are.
  • All blogs come with an RSS Feed


Someone ask me this question:


  • Why is this better than an e-mail newsletter?


Legal Considerations



RSS 101 - Let's Talk





Library-Related RSS Feeds



Legal Feeds






Can't get everything via RSS



Customize Customize Customize.



Libraries are getting hip to RSS Technology




Social Software


PubSub Stuff


  • Weblogs & Syndicated Web Feeds
  • SEC Filings
  • Press Releases
  • Newsgroups
  • Community Lists

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