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Learn Everything About Weblog and RSS: A Hands-on Training


Steven M. Cohen

Law Library Management, Incorporated



AOL IM - NYlibrarian

Skype - stevenmcohen





Blog Intro



+ Library Stuff

+ Tame the Web

+ Resourceshelf

+ HPL Book Hunt

+ Johnson County

+ Darien Library


+ Let's start our own!!!!


+ Library Blogs Wiki




So You Have a Weblog - Now What?


Marketing is Key

+ If a blog is on the web, but nobody is there to read it...

+ Put up a "about this" page

+ The value of a "soft release"

+ Talk to the right people (the ones that make the decisions)

+ Put out a press release

+ Talk to the local newspaper

+ Put it in your newsletter

+ Link to it on your website

+ Use the blogosphere (especially the library blogosphere)

+ Flyers, bookmarks, classes


Marketing the Professional Librarian Weblog


+ Stand out in the crowd

+ Ease of use

+ Best way to publish without trade publications (on your own terms)

+ Finding your niche

+ Marketing the Librarian

+ Write everyday


Guidelines and Policies


Professional Librarian Weblogs


+ Loose guidelines work best (for me anyway)

+ Does your library know? Will you tell them?

+ Do you put your blog on your resume?

+ Guidelines on comments (Free Range Librarian)

+ Other guidelines from LISNews.


Library Weblogs

+ Need to be more in depth (liability)

+ Posting policies for library staff

+ Don't talk about patrons

+ Don't post about staff members

+ Make sure that the information is accurate

+ Is there going to be a holding period for approval?

+ Who gets access?

+ What gets posted? (news, new materials, library events)

+ How often can staff post?

+ Comments? (Spam, moderating)

+ Conversation and community (Ann Arbor Public Library, Teens, Director's Blog)

+ PLA Blog guidelines on a wiki




Blogs are good for libraries...but RSS is better


  • Marketing the librarian
  • Updates to new databases/changes in databases
  • New books
  • Internal communication for reference desk.
  • Yes, this can be internal - In most cases, they are.
  • All blogs come with an RSS Feed


RSS 101 - Let's Talk



Examples of RSS Readers


+ Bloglines - http://www.bloglines.com

+ Net News Wire - http://www.netnewswire.com

+ Newzcrawler - http://www.newzcrawler.com

+ Newsgator - http://www.newsgator.com



Library-Related RSS Feeds






Can't get everything via RSS



Customize Customize Customize.



Libraries are getting hip to RSS Technology






Cool RSS Tools Librarians Love

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