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What Happened Today?




  • Our wiki and blog didn't work. Why?
  • Is there a need?
  • ITI Blog and what makes it different
  • Flickr and Technorati worked


Other wikis that work



Advantage: blog


  • Easy to post information
  • Chronological order
  • Automatic RSS feed
  • Comments can be attached to each post
  • Only blog authors can edit the content of a post


  • Why might the blog work? Because it gives non-bloggers a place to post thoughts and it could be easy to audioblog.


  • Why might the blog not work? Because bloggers already have a place to blog, and non-bloggers don’t want to blog.


Advantage: wiki


  • Anyone anywhere can contribute
  • True equalized collaboration (when accounts aren’t required)
  • Can create any order/flow to the information (sometimes chronological order doesn’t work well for the type of content)


  • Why might the wiki work? Because anyone at the conference or offsite could add content.
  • Why might the wiki not work? Because no one is sure what to put there (versus somewhere else) and wikis are still a little difficult to use (see Meredith Farkas’ advice?). Plus, they need a password to edit it, which might be too much of a barrier at this point.


  • Personally, I think the tool that ended up working the best in this situation was Technorati. It was the one spot everything was pulled together.


Advantage: Technorati (view the IL05 tag)


  • Automatically brought together all pieces that were posted anywhere (as long as they were tagged and the sites pinged Technorati)
  • Made it easy to find things; one-stop shopping


I would also argue that we’ve had a lot of fun and socialness with Flickr. Of course, you had to know about Flickr, have an account, and know what you could do. I wish we could have done a whole session just on Flickr. :-P


Advantage: Flickr (view IL05 photostream)


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